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List of products by manufacturer Ghessu

Ghessu Bath is a company specialized in the manufacture of bathroom accesories and equipment for hotels.

Ghessu Bath has been founded together a group dedicated for the manufacture of metal.

In recent years they have specialized in the manufacture of bathroom accesories and equipment for hotels, geriatrics and comunnities.

With this new project dedicated to the commercialization of plug-ins and accesories to hotels, our main objective is to achieve maximun quality in our products, expand the range of our products, get top brand suppliers and generally offer a better service to our customers.

Within our facilities we have a large team of professionals divided into different departments.

A sales office and fully qualified to offer a personalized service. 200 m² offices and comprehensive exhibition dedicated to geriatrics, hotel and bath accesories.

Our manufacturing department spend time every day in research, design, quality and new product development and projects tailored to each client. This is for all types of machines needed for the entire manufacturing process, including the finish, where we get a high quality stainless steel finish. For all this we have ample facilities comprising approimately 2,000 m² and 1,200 m² factory warehouse and assembly area.

Our products, especially for the geriatric, pass examinations and tests certified by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia and all of them have the "CE" mark.

Our entire team is amking a significant investment and effort in training every day to continue improving and expanding our products offerings, and with it the service to our customers.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items