Spring and the good weather are coming, and some hotels create outdoor areas depending on their client’s demands. Clients who are anxious to enjoy the sun and good temperatures.

It is true that due to the good weather, everybody goes out and wants being outdoors more often, and therefore, we must take advantage of this push and offer a variety of leisure options to our clients, and more over, promoting that tourists and citizens of our city choose our establishment among the others. Something is sure, and it is that an attractive terrace or restoration zone is one of the best ways to create trend in your city and become the chosen place for having a really good time at weekends or during the rest of the week, and ultimately; being the hot spot of the summer.

Yes, terraces are the latest fashion and, increasingly, they provide magic experience to our client. Innovation and style are two of the Abba Huesca Hotel’s defined features. This hotel creates an elegant, modern and urban outdoor area at the hotel entrance, and as its main element which characterizes its style, its terrace has an open lounger tent which invites all the people to sit and enjoy the summer night by savoring a gin-tonic or a fantastic dish made by seasonal and local products.

Cheering up the city of Huesca, you can find in this hotel of the Abba chain an area full of cocktail tables and stools which brings dynamism to those events made in the hotel. And, more over cleaning up is much quicker and easier using foldable furniture.

This hotel creates a summer atmosphere, typical of the best and most relaxing beaches, by decorating the area with LED lights element such as: flowerpot stands, ice buckets and champagne ice buckets which are perfect to light up your summer nights.

Due to all these reasons, do not hesitate! Make the most of your outdoors areas, given that they are a communicative and persuasive element with wide potential to your image promotion, and above all, they are really valued by your clients.