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  • Swisscom

    Swisscom Hospitality Services, a division of Switzerland's leading Telecom operator Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, designs, implements and manages converged hotel IP networks to offload hoteliers from the increasing IT complexity and to enhance their guest's technology experience.

  • TDK Life on Record

    TDK Life on Record is a leading global brand dedicated to delivering high-quality headphones, home audio, and recordable media products that keep up with your ever-evolving digital lifestyle.

  • TeleAdapt

    TeleAdapt is the only business solely dedicated to keeping the hotel guest connected while travelling for business or pleasure. As an innovator in in-room connectivity technology, TeleAdapt recognize the need for guests to use their portable devices to provide customized entertainment and communications within the guest room.

  • Toshiba

    Innovator Company that creates high-tech level TV that has emerged in the industry for the hotel market. 

  • Vexia

    Spanish TradeMark owned by Crambo, Vexia develops ultimate technology products that are intuitive and easy to use, where innovation is the main factor.

  • Viggo SmartNet TV

    Viggo SmartNet TV is pioneering cloud-based hospitality media services for the hotel market.

  • Vogels

    For more than 40 years now, Vogel's designs have been based on the talent and effort of its people who are closely involved in the products that they create and the customers who use these products.

  • Wall Mobile Charger

    Wall Mobile Charger is the only company to create a universal charger to connect all your devices: iPhone, Tablet, Android Micro USB, headphones ... It also has the best technology, achieving high quality products, easy installation and stylish design.

Showing 37 - 44 of 44 items